Lisa Shaub Fine Millinery

Here in New York City we are always outside walking and that means dress for the elements. Did you know that you lose 50% of your body heat from your uncovered head when you do not wear a hat? My goal, as a New York City hat-maker, is to make you not only warm, but also to look and feel great in the process. And this, my friend, is the process.

When I make a Fall hat I need to start out with beautiful materials. I have been making hats for over thirty years and one thing I know for sure: great raw materials, great finished product. For Fall hats I usually work with velour felt, beautiful wools, cashmere, and sometimes velvet for flowers.

Because I have been making hats for so many years I have many hat styles in my brain, so I can use one from the past, or create something totally new. I always try the hat on and work it on my head while looking the mirror. I like to create shapes that are timeless and will work on a lot of different faces. Next, after I create the shape I do the hand sewn finishing, so the shape is created in a seamless and elegant way. After that I create an original trim, if the hat needs one, or not.

I always pay attention to how customers are trying the hat on; if it looks great and they feel comfortable in it. Those are my goals and that is a small part of the process.