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All Lisa Shaub Fine Millinery Women's Fall Hats can be customized. We can change the color combos, size and proportion.  Creating our handmade hats involves great detail so communication is crucial.

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flower.cloche.300.jpg yarn.cap.300.jpg flower.beret.300.jpg

Flower Cloche

This soft cloche is handsomely styled with a hand sewn flower detail. Fine in the snow and rain, and fits in your pocket.

Color combos: Navy/Burg,Black/Red, Plum/Burg, Grey/Black, Oat/Grey.


 Yarn Cap

Everyone loves a cap! Easy in the rain and snow, looking good on a bad hair day. This one is extra special because it is warm and snugly, and has a fun yarn detail to give it a big exclamation.

Color combos: Brown/Burg, Black/Gray, Oatmeal/Cream, Red/Black.


Flower Beret

This super chic beret can be made in a medium, fitted size, or in large which is fuller and better for larger head sizes or fabulous wild hair. It features a hand sewn self flower detail and serious stiching.

Color combos: Burg/Cream stitch, Black/Cream stitch, Oatmeal/Black stitch, Gray/ Cream stitch.



 Round Bow

 A great hat for delicate small faces. This close fitting cloche features a self bow and contrast stitching. Fits in your pocket and fine in the rain and snow.

Color combos: Ombre Plum/Cream, Black/Red,Camel/Brown, Gray/Navy.


Yarn Cloche

This easy cloche is great for sporty dames. It features a soft wool body and quirky yarn detail. Fine in the rain and snow and fits right in your pocket.

Color combos: Beige/Orange, Red/Orange, Black/Gray, Gray/Navy, Plum/Black.



 We wanted to make a fedora/cloche combination and this is what we came up with. A soft comfortable cloche shape with a fun self buckle detail and contrast stitching.

Color combos: Plum/Cream, Black/Cream, Oatmeal/Black, Red/Black.



Feathers Away

This beautiful hand sculpted cloche features a hand cut self feathers detail. A close fitting lovely shape with an asymmetrical flirty brim.

Color combos: Navy/Cream, Black/Cream, Burg/Hot Pink, Olive/Black.


 Clara Cloche

This is a  very structured cloche that gives the bearer a forties look. The fedora top has a menswear element, which the bow detail feminizes it for great variety.

Color combos: Bordeaux/Bordeaux, Black/ Black, Gray/ Gray, Navy/Navy.


Blocked Cap

This 1920 cap shape is a great shape for short hair cuts. It is clean and elegant with a Victorian ribbon detail. This one gets you on the road to a polished outfit.

Color combos: Black/ Black, Gray/Black, Red/Red, Turquoise/Turquoise, Camel/Camel.