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Lisa Shaub Fine Millinery
134 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002, USA (directions)
phone: +1-212-965-9176

Store Hours
suspended until further notice

Corona Update

Many of us are working from home, dealing with our kids at home, and feeling cranky and nervous about all of the issues related to the coronavirus outbreak. Our sympathies go out to anyone who is suffering,

Online Classes available

Our online classes will be starting on Monday March 30. Please check out our "Hat Class" page for details or contact us for more information. Please keep in mind if you are not interested in the listings, there is always the option for a private class on your topic of choice. We are all going to get through this by activating our creative souls!

Kentucky Derby/Central Park Conservancy Hat Luncheon

The Kentucky Derby is now scheduled for September 5, and the Central Park Conservancy Luncheon is still on schedule, but may be postponed as well. Though nobody wants to see our beloved events canceled or postponed, there are positive actions that we can take. Now we have time on our hands and can get a few important things accomplished.

Do it now: We have alot of time right now to work on our ideas before the craziness ends and a new catch-up craziness begins, Many people also make summer commitments, so getting your hat or fascinator finished now makes alot of sense. If you want to figure this out together, please contact us.

Shop at home: For those who still want to shop, we have our newShop at Home service.  We have a tremendous amount of gorgeous pieces in stock.  Through a video chat we pick out shapes, and then we send them to you. You can easily and safely try on our beautiful pieces in the privacy and safety of your own home.

Help Small Business: Think about paying for your order in advance to help this small business get through the difficult time.

Throw a party: Consider throwing an online Kentucky Derby Party.  For the next two months Zoom is the new Churchill Downs. We can make you look fabulous.

Call or email us to discuss Kentucky Derby, Royal Ascot, and Central Park Conservancy Hat Luncheon. Rush orders welcome!

Hat classes, all levels, including online classes.

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